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English with One Thousand Words
This is the story of how it was discovered that you can speak 92% of English with one thousand words.
More than 50 years ago, educators in the United States were concerned over the poor spelling of their students. They thought the problem could be lessened if they taught them how to correctly write at least the one thousand words most often used in English. They sought and found those one thousand words by analyzing books, newspapers, letters, and even passages from the Bible, written by more than 2,500 people. They were very surprised to find that those one thousand words made up over 92% of the English language! This discovery was so significant that today those thousand words are still being used to test spelling in the United States.
Unfortunately, the American educators did not think of using that discovery to teach English to people from other countries. No one thought that if 92% of English is made up of only one thousand words, a person learning them would speak English 92% correctly.
Based on this reasoning, the teachers of the Maurer Institute spent years of work to find the thousand words that are essential to modern English and to design a method to teach their use. The method was tested on three thousand people, many of whom were Latino workers in the United States, and the result was that those three thousand people were soon watching television in English, reading newspapers in English, speaking on the phone in English… in short; they were functioning well in English.
The method is very simple, it consists of 20 notebooks. In each notebook, you will learn to use 50 new words. If you learn only 50 words a week, in 20 weeks, you will have mastered the thousand words needed to speak English well.
The method was designed for adults, not for children. The notebooks are very slim – you can study each one in a few hours – as they do not contain drawings, photographs, or other unnecessary distractions that will interfere with your learning quickly. We adults know what a chair, a plane or a highway look like; and we don’t need pictures, as children do, to know what things are.
With the recordings that go with each notebook, you will learn to pronounce the words and the sentences in which they are used. You will not need a computer or video player. Since it is completely portable, you can learn anywhere at any time, without neglecting your other activities; even while you are going from one place to another.
Although the method also includes the grammar of the language, we ask that you not memorize it. You will speak English well without having to memorize English grammar for the same reason you speak Spanish well without having memorized Spanish grammar. That is why, in addition to being fast, this method is also amazingly simple.
When you finish each lesson, you will take a test that you will send to your teachers. They will correct it and send it back to you with their comments.
If you have any doubts, you can clarify them directly with your teachers either by telephone or by email. The method includes a virtual classroom on Internet in which you can have live conversations both with teaches and other students, if you want to practice. You will never study alone, your teachers will be by your side leading you.
Our experience of over 50 years in teaching English will not only save you a lot of money, but also a lot of unnecessary frustration in your efforts to learn to speak English correctly. This is the quickest, safest, most economical and simple method there is. If you have any doubts, search for the words “Professor Maurer English” on internet and you will see that it’s true!

Written learning guarantee

The method is so well proven with so many thousands of people who have studied it, and we are so sure of its efficacy, that we will guarantee in writing that with the one thousand essential words, you will learn 92% of English, or we will give you your money back, even if you don’t speak any English now. No other method offers this guarantee.
Once you have finished the course, you will receive a Diploma certifying that you have successfully completed it. But the best accreditation will be your ability to communicate in English without trouble.
The European Council of Personal Assistants accredits The Maurer Method ® for learning English.
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Course Contents


Lesson 1

The alphabet and vowels: Correct pronunciation. The sentence: Formulation and comprehension. The personal pronouns. The word ‘the’: Meaning and applications. The verb. Endings depending on the person. Rules and applications.

Lesson 2

The plural. Its formation and exceptions. Possessive pronouns. Frequently used indefinite articles: Singular and plural forms. Definite articles: Meaning and applications, singular and plural forms. The verb ‘to be’. Importance, meaning and applications.

Lesson 3

Present tense interrogative sentences. The use of ‘do’ and ‘does’. The words needed to form interrogative sentences. Present tense negative sentences. The use of the word ‘not’.

Lesson 4

The verb ‘to have’. Meaning and applications. Cardinal numbers. Forming quantities. Ordinal numbers. Forming dates. Forming sentences indicating time, both affirmative and negative.

Lesson 5

Simple past tense. Forming verb endings according to their nature. The interrogative form in the past tense. The use of the word ‘did’. The negative form in the past tense. The use of the word ‘not’. Contractions. Applications.

Lesson 6

The future tense. The use of the word ‘will’. The negative form of the future tense. The interrogative form of the future tense.

Lesson 7

The participle in simple present tense. The negative form of the present participle. The interrogative form of the present participle.

Lesson 8

Comparative adjectives. Forming comparatives: as-as, more-than, the-most and their exceptions.

Lesson 9

How to give orders. The possessive using an apostrophe. Objective pronouns.

Lesson 10

Sentences with two verbs I. Idiomatic expressions I.

Lesson 11

Sentences with two verbs II. Idiomatic expressions II.

Lesson 12

Conditional sentences. Idiomatic expressions III.

Lesson 13

Verbs of manner, place and time. Irregular adverbs. Idiomatic expressions IV.

Lesson 14

The word ‘would’. Affirmative, negative and interrogative conditional sentences. II Idiomatic expressions V.

Lesson 15

The present perfect tense. Irregular verbs I.

Lesson 16

The negative and interrogative present perfect tense. Irregular verbs II.

Lesson 17

The affirmative, negative and interrogative past perfect tense.

Lesson 18

The affirmative, negative and interrogative continuous past tense.

Lesson 19

The verbs ‘may’ and ‘might’. Tag endings. Indefinite pronouns.

Lesson 20

The word ‘say’ and its derivatives. The words ‘either’ and ‘neither’. Words derived from ‘no’: nobody, no one, none, and nowhere.
Our students express their views:
I am currently finishing the English course, I am about to start lesson 18 out of 20. Although it sounds like a radio commercial, during my life (I am now 39 years old) I have tried several English courses without succeeding. I had thrown in the towel and reached the conclusion that it was clear that I would never learn English in this life, and I promised myself I would not spend any more money on English courses. But a little over a year ago, I realized that I had to make another effort to learn English for professional reasons, and I finally selected your method. Even with the last three lessons yet to be concluded, I can’t believe how much I have learned. Recently, I was traveling and the only way I could communicate was in English, and I was surprised to find that everything I wanted to say, communicate or ask, etc., I was able to do with no problem. I was surprised how other people understood me, and the best and hardest part, I understood their answers. I was dying to get back home to continue the course. I sincerely still cannot believe the level of my English. I never imagined that with a correspondence course in English I would be able to learn English when I never even managed to do so while attending schools. That is why I want to thank you for your professionalism and I authorize you to use my name as a testimonial that The Maurer Method is really a course that allows you to learn to speak English in an easy and pleasant way. I send you all a hug.
Manuel Torné Bueso, student 2308045
The course I am taking with you has helped me to understand English and realize that it is not as hard as I thought. This is a step that will help me later on with the career I studied and will give me greater opportunities to talk to new people and get a good job.
Mitzi Solares Acevedo
On April 11, I went to Las Vegas and stayed there though the 13th and then went on to Los Angeles. My siblings could not believe that I had only finished two lessons of the English course. It was surprising to me that in so short a time I was able to communicate in English with people who already master the language and with the residents of those places. I was even more amazed that, thanks to the vocabulary I have learned, I could understand what people said to me, that is to say, I understood the conversations in airports, markets and stores. I invite all of the people studying for a career or profession to join me in renewing our efforts and not stopping until we achieve our goals.
Emilio Guzmán Sánchez
México City

e-mail: dudas@institutomaurer.com